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The high reliability "Manual, Electric, and Photovoltaic Electric Control Built-in Sunshade Louver Hollow Glass" brand of the "Kerui Aite" is the core product of the Kerui Aite Group. It is a type of movable shutter placed inside the hollow glass chamber, and can be flipped and lifted through various control methods such as manual, electric, and sound to reduce the amount of light and radiation entering the room, thereby saving the air conditioning usage rate by up to 60%, meeting the requirements of summer sunshade and insulation The indoor comfort demand for winter heating and insulation is a new energy-saving product that integrates building shading, doors and windows, and transparent curtain walls as an external enclosure structure.

Against the backdrop of vigorously promoting energy conservation and emission reduction across the country to fully achieve the dual carbon goal, real estate projects with energy-saving technology as the core are more favored by consumers. In 2008, our company's "built-in sunshade louver hollow glass" was an indispensable and important component of Green Building Residential, and signed the first three star green building project in Yangzhou, "Sunshine Midi International Community". Since then, the design execution and demand for the integrated external enclosure structure of building sunshade doors, windows, and movable sunshade have been greatly stimulated, and the business volume has been increasing year by year. 


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